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2009 Sponsors


Benefit Organizations

Brice Prairie Conservation Initiatives,
Brice Prairie First Responders,
The Friends of Brice Prairie,
Brice Prairie Scholarship Fund,
Morris Holmen High Scholarship Fund









LaCrosse Beverage & Nicolet Water
Nicolet Waters

The Insurance Center

Kwik Trip

River Trails

Metallics, Inc

Red Pines Resort
Red Pines Resort

LaCrosse Radio Group

Coaches Corner

King Furniture

Lindy's Subs & Salads
Lindy's Subs

Web Site by Robert Hansen



Choice Awards - LaCrosse

BeFit Gym - Holmen Square
Be Fit Gym

Wells Fargo Bank

Festival Foods
Festival Foods

WXOW - TV Channel 19

Interior Designs

Pizza Corral

Drugan's Supper Club & Golf
Drugan's Golf & Supper Club

Subway Sandwiches

Coulee Golf Bowl

Holmen Lions Club
Holmen Lions Club

Altra Federal Credit union
Altra Credit Union



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